Computer services

August 24, 2006

The work of the lawyer has been transformed in the last two decades by the use of computerized legal research databases and other management and analytical software. It is believed that understanding the computer is essential preparation for a career in any area of legal practice today. To ensure that  law students gain complete familiarity and sophistication in using computers in legal work, students should be provided with what is believed to be the most extensive and sophisticated computer support of any law school.An extensive computer network. The entire Law School – faculty, administrators, student organizations, and journals – are linked by a network of personal computers, allowing universal access to Corel and Microsoft Office Suites, electronic mail, the World Wide Web and instructional software. Each student has free storage on the network, reducing the need for floppy disks. The Library computer lab has numerous IBM-compatible personal computers for student use, including printer support. On-campus law student housing is increasingly being wired for Internet Access.

On-line databases. Upon completion of instruction all law students have unlimited access to LEXIS/NEXIS and WESTLAW/DIALOG databases for law school-related research at any time via the web. Other databases, including law placement information and foreign law databases on CD-ROM, are also available.

Electronic mail. All students have free access to the electronic mail system allowing communication from the School or from home computers (via dial-up, or the Internet) to faculty members, other students, the library or administrative offices. Connection to the e-mail network allows communication with major university and research facilities throughout the world.

Training and user support. Training sessions in using the legal databases, applications (including e-mail, Office Suites and Internet) and others are conducted by library and IT staff. Student consultants and full-time professionals are also available in the Computer Lab.


One Response to “Computer services”

  1. horay said

    try to imagine if there is no electronic mail system and communication – we all are handwriting letter

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