Google’s blogging woes continue

October 20, 2006

A Google Inc. employee mistakenly posted information to an official Google blog that she had intended to publish in her personal blog — the latest blogging faux pas for the search engine giant.On Tuesday, two postings about skull-shaped candies appeared on Blogger Buzz, the official blog of this Google blog publishing service. Their topic and informal tone immediately led readers to wonder about their legitimacy.

Google removed the postings quickly after they were published, a Google spokeswoman said via e-mail on Wednesday. The employee who published the postings by mistake is a regular contributor to Blogger Buzz, the spokeswoman wrote.

Last week, Blogger suffered an outage that kept both and the Blogspot hosting service off-line for two hours. That kept the many official Google blogs that are hosted on the Blogger platform off-line. Google later said a “network malfunction” caused the outage.

Earlier this month, a hacker broke into Google’s main official blog, which is hosted on Blogger, and posted a false message saying that the company had decided to cancel a joint click-to-call advertising project with eBay Inc.

Google patched the hole and removed the posting from the so-called Google Blog, but the intruder’s message was widely noticed and triggered significant speculation and confusion among Google observers.

In March, Google staffers deleted the Google Blog by mistake and someone unaffiliated with the company briefly took control of the Web address.

Like all companies that store sensitive data from consumers and organizations, Google is held to a high standard when it comes to mistakes like these. Displays of carelessness or security vulnerabilities that affect Google’s services undermine users’ trust, critics say.


2 Responses to “Google’s blogging woes continue”

  1. mjblazic said

    I think that based on its size, profile and industry stature, Google is always going to be a primary target for hackers and something like the Google blogging site will likely be a softer target for hackers looking to succeed.

    I think it is a reflection of the standard of Google’s security measures that the breaches to this site have be so limited in number and nature – though I agree that the staff slip ups don’t demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.

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