Personal comment on the course

October 30, 2006

This course gives me another pespective view of the law — the computer application to law.  Very often, we use computer technology everyday.  But we seldom consider the combination of computer technology and law.  It is the course which combined law with computer technology which intend to make use of the computer technology to make the legal process more effective and efficient.  The use of internet, the use of expert system to solve problem, the eganges software, the use of email as communication channel etc.  They all helps the legal environment to improve.  As the technology is keep improving, it is expected that more advanced software or technology can be used.  It will be more popular for the use of video conferencing in the court room.  Communication between different places in different countries will not be a matter.  It is also not surprising in the future that the trial either criminal or civil can be held through the internet, with both the parties and the judges sitting at their own home in front of the computers.   What more can be occured with the help of the technology? We will wait and see ~~


4 Responses to “Personal comment on the course”

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